Round Ceiling Diffuser

Round Ceiling Diffuser

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Round Ceiling Diffuser

These circular diffusers give one more option to the interior designer, to provide draft-free supply air to air conditioned spaces. A removable core not only simplifies installation, but also improves aesthetics by eliminating all visible holding screws.


-Low cost.
-Lightweight rigid construction.
-Easy to clean.
-Scratch resistant surface.
-Positive lock duct tabs.
-Snap action clips for fast and easy installation.
-Tapered neck for easy duct connection.

-These outlets are injection moulded from white ABS plastic and integrated
spring loaded clips.
-Cone centers are designed to suit the reverse cycle systems and allow
adjustable control of the airflow by moving the center up or down.

-Ideal for residential and commercial reverse cycle air-conditioning ,heating and ventilation applications.

Accord register and grilles are engineered and tested to the industry's highest standards. Each part is individually inspected for quality before it is packaged.
-ABS construction
-Step-down diffuser rings
-Accepts ceiling damper


Material: ABS

Face Diameter(mm)

Neck Diameter(mm)

	6" 8" 10" 12" 14"
	6" 8" 10" 12" 14"
 Color: White
BKD # 619603
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