RTV Insulator Anti Flashover coating

RTV Insulator Anti Flashover coating

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RTV Insulator Anti Flashover coating
The electrical power system Anti Flashover the coating with the single component normal temperature solidification silicon rubber is the RTV insulator Anti Flashover the coating is our company in domestic first develops in 1990 the beginning of ages successfully. The silicon valley brand sign RTV insulator anti flashover the coating to pass, the provincial level appraisal, The nation anti Flashover the expert group to appraise,ISO9001 International quality system authentication and sign DL/T 627 complete patterns experiments; its performance index has achieved the international advanced level . In metallurgy, cement, chemical industry, mine and salt mist and so on, each kind of contamination environment application, and in 500kV system big area use, displays finely anti flashover performance, since has drifted net moves for ten years, does not have dirt to flashover accident, has guaranteed the electrical network movement security and is reliable.

1. The characteristic and the performance
The fine hydrophobic character and fast, is balanced the hydrophobic migratory nature which, continues;
The anti-flashover the voltage to be high, The anti- electric arc, bears leaks the mark, the electrical insulating property is fine;
The high module, high strength, excels in the adhesion, High corrosion tolerance, Satisfied condition overhaul request;
Bears the ozone, bears the ultraviolet ray, bears the environment aging, Does not get up the skin, Does not crack, The effective running time is long;
Single component normal temperature solidification, In -20 still might construct, Easy to operate, In the normal maintenance time exempts sweeps clear, The efficiency is high.
2. Main qualification
This equates use department sign DL/T627 "electrical power system Anti flashover Coating with Normal temperature Solidification Silica gel", And has drawn up higher enterprise standard QB/SV09 "The RTV Insulator Anti flashover Coating" and QB/SV08 "RTV Coating Construct control Standard" comes the standard product the production and the construction application.
3. Range of application
This is suitable for rated voltage 0~750kV,Ambient temperature -50 ~200 ,Under the contamination condition moves junction, direct current system, Mainly uses in the power supply bureau transformer substation, the power plant booster station and loses the distribution line insulator and the chemical industry, the steel and iron, the electric railway, the mine pit and all easy contamination, the easy mist, to pour water on the moist electrical equipment, Enhances the equipment outside to insulate the rank, prevents the flashover accident the occurrence.
4. Operation Guide
Before the construction carries on the convention to the porcelain insulator or the glass surface to sweep clear, Decontamination and degreasing, fat processing, The maintenance surface clean is clean.

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