Rubber Crushing Mill

Rubber Crushing Mill

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Rubber Crushing mill:
The roller has groove, mainly used in rubber, waste tire and other rubber crushing before plasticizing.

Structure features: 
This machine is double roller opening gel breaking machine, the main organic seat (1) for the casting, (2) welding), frame, roller a trench roller, transmission gear, lubricating device, heating and cooling device, roll nip adjustment device, safety brake device, motor and reducer, etc. Roller adopts the LTG - H security chilled cast iron material, the surface hardness of the HS 68 ~ 75, after polished to form a smooth surface. Inside the roller is hollow, can be used according to requirements, steam or cooling water is piped in, used to control the temperature of the roller. Two roller in different relative rotary speed, make the rubber material into two roller by the mechanical crushing processing, refining and mixing. Structure mode is for the open gear transmission.

1. Rubber crushing mill has medium and high drum-shaped roller which increase the quality of rubber slice. 2. All of these adopt hardened gear reducer made of 35CrMo to reduce the speed. It has the advantages of low noisy, large transmission power, wear-resistant and impact resistance. 3. Adopt quenching gear to drive and increase the life of the whole machine. 4. Adopt foreign technology to weld the steel base which is non-deformation, non-fracture. It can avoid the expense caused by wrong operation.
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