Rubber Handles

Rubber Handles

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Rubber handles are commonly used in our daily life, which are designed to install onto the hand push type machinery. They add comfort to hands and weaken vibration, which brings damage to the machinery. All the rubber handle grips are custom-manufactured products. We work with the materials of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

Nine rubber handles are displayed in the picture, they differentiate with each other in design.
RH-01: We offer various kinds of rubber handles with different signs and colors to meed your requirements.One pair of bicycle handlebar grips is displayed.
RH-02: Bicycle handlebar grips are offered in pairs.
Three rubber handles are displayed, all of them are very thin and soft.
RH-03: Rubber handles are soft and rich in elasticity.There are twenty rubber handles for bicycle, they have different colors but with the same design.
RH-04: Colorful rubber bicycle handles are available.
There are eight foosball handles displayed regularly, they have the same size.
RH-05: Foosball handles slide easily onto foosball rods with no screws necessary.One pair of rubber handles for foosball table rod, and there is concave spot design on each one.
RH-06: The rubber foosball table rod handles feel comfortable and slip-proof.
This is a stainless steel window squeegee with rubber grip.
RH-07: The window squeegee features an ergonomic rubber grip designed for comfort.Ten mountain bike rubber grips are shown, they have the same design but with different colours.
RH-08: Mountain bike rubber grips with a variety of colours are offered to clients.
Material: natural rubber or synthetic rubber.
Colour: customization.
Size: made to order.
Rubber handle grip is for use on bicycles, motorbikes, foosball, scooters, wheelbarrows and other hand push type machinery.

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