Rubber Product / Component

Rubber Product / Component

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Molded Components:

OIL SEALS: Metal Inserted Oil Seal, Outside Metal Cased Oil Seal, Metal Closed Type Oil Seal Duplex Oil Seal, Dust Seal, TDUO Seal etc.

PACKING: Hydraulic Packing ( Nut Ring), D-Nut Ring, Chevron Set Packing, Nylon & Canvas Impregnated Packing, Grease Gland Packing, O Ring, Square Ring, Flat Ring, T Ring, V Ring, L Ring, Cup Packing, Collar Ring, Sleeve Bucket, Lippen Ring, Water Pump Seal, Washers etc.

BUSHES: Rubber Bush ( Plain & Brass Lined), Conical Rubber bush, Starter for Mono Type Pumps, Cutless Coupling With Brass Lining, Cutless Bushes, Rubber Covers, Gauntry Covers, Flange Gasket, Gaskets of all type, Pipe Jointing Gasket etc.

DIAPHRAGMS: Diaphragm of Saunder Valve ( K type & O type ), Plain Diaphragm, Cup Type Diaphragm, Bucket Type Diaphragm, Mud Cover Diaphragm, Flexible Coupling, Motor Pump Coupling, Holder Coupling etc.

SHEETS: Rubber Sheet, Shot Blasting Sheet, Nitrile & Neoprene Rubber Sheet, Canvas Lined Rubber sheet, M. S. Plate Lined Rubber Sheet, Rubber Matting Sheet, Nylon Impregnated Rubber Sheets, Electric Mat etc.

SEALS: Gate Seal, U Seals, V Seals, Canvas Seals, Wiper Seals, Piston Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Music Seal, J. Seal, Brass Lined & PTFE Lined Seal, Solid Bulb Seal, Water Seal, Door Packing Seal, Hetch Packing etc.

WHEELS: Rubber Wheel, Solid Wheel, Forklift wheel, Plain Wheel, Trolley Wheel and Rollers of all sizes, Rice mill Roller etc.

PADS: Heavy Duty Pad, Foundation Pads, Shock Observer Pads, Flooring Pads, Compression Pads, Bumper Pads, Cusion Pads, Heavy Duty Friction Pads etc.

COUPLING: Motor Coupling, Shavel Machine Disc, Heavy Duty Compressed Coupling Components.

MOUNTING: Buffers: Metal Bonded and without Metal Bonded: Shock Proof Metal Bonded Mounting, Automobile Engine Mountings, Bumpers, Bridge Bearing Pad etc.

HOSES: All Types of Hydraulic Hoses with End Fittings, Shot Blasting Hoses, Water Hoses up to 8 inch dia, Radiator Hose etc.

CHANNELS: Channels for Window Glass, Door Glass, Air-Condition Doors Vacuum Doors etc.

TUBES: Rubber Tube, Dock Dredging Tubes, Bumper Tubs of Heavy Pressure Shock Observer, Air Tube for Clutch & Brake of Buffalo Billet Shear Machine etc.

Extruded Components:

Luminous & Silicone Sleeves & Fluorescent Profiles.

Seetum, Cords, Sleeves, Sections, Profiles, Strips.

Silicone Transport sleeves & cords.

Silicone Sponge strips, Sections & cords.

Silicone sleeves of 0.2 mm ID x 0.8 mm OD onwards.

Sponge strips, Sections, Profile and cords in any polymer.

Moulded Extruded Marine Fenders - Size up to 300 mm.

Fiber, Fabric, Canvas and Asbestos impregnated components.

Door packing for Autoclaves, Ovens, Driers.

Teflon O Rings, Flat Rings, L Rings, V Rings, U Rings, Seals, Gaskets, Sheets, Rods.

Metal reinforced, Metal claded components.

Design, develop and execute import substitute.

Any tailor made product as per customer specification, design and drawing.

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