Rubber Roller Coverings

Rubber Roller Coverings

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Rubber Roller Coverings , 


Shanghai Nangest Machinery Co.,Ltd. have all kinds of roller coverings, basically use in rapier loom roll cloth roller and air-jet looms fabric reel roller, sometimes finishing equipment stenters into also can use cloth beam slippery belt. Anti-slip belt is often used to boxian cloth industries. Anti-slip belt mainly is wrapped around loom equipment need to contact textile product guide roller, rise above the slippery, resistant to friction role, Shanghai nangest company supplies of roller coverings, can withstand high temperatures, thickness is 2.0 MM, length is commonly 100 meters, commonly used specification is 40MM, can according to different customers' requirement to slitting into different width. Shanghai nangest company can provide various materials and specification of roller coverings, available to customers according to his own use requirement option.
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