RuiDa laser marking control card RDM302XG-A(D)-PCI

RuiDa laser marking control card RDM302XG-A(D)-PCI

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Ordinary two-dimensional marking;

Revolving marking;

The flight marking;

Three dimensional dynamic convergence;

Double inspires the lens control, panel automatic gamma correction;

Panel vector displacement, revolving, reproduce by pantograph and mirror image function;

Panel parameter preservation, encryption;

Two-circuit laser control signal isolation output, special optical fiber laser control connection;

Inspires the mirror numeral and the simulation connection;

Expansion 4 axis electrical machinery control, split-ring and closed loop servo-control, straight line, circular arc as well as B transect interpolation function;



3: Controller edition number

0: Guarantees retains

2: 2 groups inspire the mirror control signal; 3:3 group inspires mirror control signal


0G: The standard function (hits sign and revolving ordinary hits sign); 1G: Flight function; 2G: The double headed hits the sign function; 3G: Dynamic convergence function; The 4G:4 axis electrical machinery module (may realize great width to put together chart to hit functions and so on sign, cutting)

- A: Analog output - D: Digital output

XG-A(D)-PCI-SCXXX: May hit the sign function according to customer ordering.

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