RYMAX Laminated Magnesium Board | Decor Drywall

RYMAX Laminated Magnesium Board | Decor Drywall

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RYMAX Laminated Magnesium Board | Decor Drywall | Wall Decoration


RYMAX Laminated Magnesium Board is made by compositing all kinds of veneers on base of RYMAX Magnesium Board. It can be directly used for indoor decoration and furniture manufacturing without further treatment to achieve the decoration effect.

* 100% free of asbestos, no smoke or poison gas release on fire, creating a green and healthy living space
* Excellent heat insulation performance lowers cold and hot energy consumption
* Good fireproof property, with incombustibility reaching Grade A under GB8624-1997
* Superior sound insulation performance ensures peaceful and graceful living environment
* The Substrate Board is high strength, good stability and good flexibility without any deformation
* Water and moisture resistant, free from the impact of condensed water bead or moist air
* Light-weight, ageing-resistant and long performance life
* Protection against mould, bacterium, insects and termites
* Can be easily composited with various decoration veneers
* Elegant and natty decorative effect
* Easy and convenient installation, improves efficiency and reduces cost

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