RYMAX Vibration Absorber | Soundproof Pad

RYMAX Vibration Absorber | Soundproof Pad

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RYMAX Vibration Absorber | Soundproof Pad

RYMAX Vibration Absorber product description:
If you need sound-insulation, you first need vibration insulation.
Vibration (HiFi low frequency or other reasons) can cause the floor vibrated, then the vibration will transfer to the air down to the floor, this will make the sound be transferred to rooms and channels up & down; Meanwhile, the vibration will be transferred to the rooms on the other floors along the Rigid continuously connected system, such as: wall, floor, pillar, base, etc. and cause borne sound transmission. In order to reduce the sound level of low frequency and impact sound, beside the vibration sources control, Vibration Absorber can be used to insulate the low frequency vibrations and impact sounds.


Sound insulation & Vibration absorption of entertainment places, such as: Bar, KTV, Kara OK, Night Club.

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BKD # 591539

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