S.G. 4.3 BaSO4 barite lump

S.G. 4.3 BaSO4 barite lump

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Barite belongs to non-renewable resources, which is one of Chinaese advantage products, and widely used as weighting agent in petrol and mud for natural gas develop, and consumption in barium chemical, padding and other field is increasing year by year. Barite resource in China is also very rich, distributing in more than 20 provinces and cites of all the country, the total reserve amount reaches to 3.6 million tons, ranking top 1 in the world. It can be used as contrast agent of digestive system in medical.
1. as a weighting agent for drilling fluids in oil and gas exploration.
2. Used in the car, electronics, TV screen, rubber, and glass ceramics and paint industry. 
3. As surface smear for photographic paper and calendered paper, as sizing agent for textile industry. 
4. as clarifying agent for glass products. 
5. Radiation shielding and medical applications, also used for ceramics, enamel, perfumes and pigments.
BaSO4: 95% Min.
Density: 4.20 min.
Ph Value: 6~10
Hg content 1 PPM max
Cd content 3 PPM max
Average Particle Size: 0-200mm
As Soluble Calcium (Ca+2): 250.0 Max.
Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3):6.0% max.
Residue greater than 75 um: 3.0% max
Particle less than 6 um: 30% max
Moisture: 1% max.
The Barite lump is bulk-cargo without any package.
BKD # 619634

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