Saibao 147 digital carrier

Saibao 147 digital carrier

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We have our own Saibao carrier for sale, which is high resolution at 1440*1050 by EPSON LCD and can print more than 600 prints per hour for 4*6" picture, 1000 prints for 3*5"picture, We offer 1 year guarantee, forever parts support, joint making technology with Sophia.
It is High Resolution, Easy installation, friendly software operation. The Maximum size depens on your own machine, like 2301, the maximum size is 18".

we provide the widest selection for china made digital carriers at the most favorable price to covert your analog machine to be digital lab.
1. SaiBao digital carrier 147 type 2. E-Filming Digital carrier 147 type 3. Prism Digital carrier 80 type 4. Dugao DIPS Digital carrier 80 type 5. JingChen Lcos Digital carrier 6. Fly image digital carrier. 7. Sanying digital carrier. Please contact us if there is any demand, you will be amazed at our best price to you.

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