Sand Control Screen

Sand Control Screen

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Sand control screen is an economical, yet robust capable sand control filter screen. The screen features two layers of 316L stainless steel wire cloth, one which is a strong support/drainage layer and the other is the filtration control layer.

Process Date:
Three standard pore size selections 
- 150 microns 
- 225 microns 
- 300 microns 
Diameters available to fit base pipe sizes of 4.5", 5.5", and 6.625" .
Continuous lengths of up to 18.5'. 
316L SS wire cloth filter media. 
304 SS perforated outer shroud. 
Thermally processed to create a stabilized pore structure. 
Welded longitudinal seam and end rings. 

Superior plugging resistance
Enhanced backwash ability 
Uniform lateral flow across the base pipe 
4-5x more available flow area than standard wire wrap screens 
High bend, collapse, and burst capacity 
Complete screen jacket, ready to assemble to base pipe
BKD # 732005

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