Sand Drying Machine

Sand Drying Machine

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Sand dryer referred to as rotary drum dryer is a dryer to handle a large number of materials. Due to its reliable operation, operating flexibility, adaptability, processing capacity, it is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, food, chemical, coal, medicine and mining industry. Rotary drum dryer is generally adapted to granular materials, can also be used a part of the incorporation of the materials dry and sticky like paste materials or materials with higher water content. Especially the drum dryer has excellent results, when used to dry sand. Rotary drum dryer advantages are as below: large production capacity for a wide range, flow resistance, the operation to allow a larger range, easy to operate. Commonly used in dry sand, slag, cinders, etc..

The sand dryer structure and working principle:

1. sand dryer is mainly composed of:
1,Cylinder; 2, roller ring; 3, roller ring; 4, gear; 5,block roller; 6,drag roller; 7,pinion; 8, discharge part; 9, Yang board;, 10, deceleration machine; 11, motor; 12, hot air Tao, 13, feed chute; 14, furnace and other parts, according to another user demand it can be equipped with gas furnace, combustion chamber, or supporting the elevator, belt conveyor, quantitative feeding machine , cyclone dust collector, induced draft fan.

2. sand dryer works:
Sand is by belt conveyor or bucket elevator to feed into the hopper, then through hopper feeder enter into feed end. The feeding pipe slope is greater than the natural inclination of the material, so that the material is smoothly sent into the dryer. Dryer cylinder is slightly tilt with a horizontal rotating cylinder. Materials from the upper end while the heat carrier from low-end to enter into, which lead to countercurrent contact with the material, but also the heat carrier and the material can together flow into the cylinder. As the material is effected by gravity when drum rotate , it run to the lower end. As the wet material in the cylinder body move forward, it directly or indirectly achieve the heat of the heat carrier so that the wet material to be dried, and then sent by belt conveyor or screw conveyor at the discharge end. In the walls of the cylinder body is equipped with a shovelling plate, and its role is to spread the material up and planted, so that the contact surface of the material and airflow increases, in order to improve the drying rate and to promote the material forward. The heat carrier is generally divided into the hot air and flue gas. Heat carrier through the dryer later, it normally takes the cyclone dust carried by materials within the gas trapping. For further reducing exhaust gas dust content, should also be put through a bag filter or wet dust collector and then emissions.

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