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SD-922P, NEIM-STIM Needle Electrical IntraMuscular Stimulator

SD-922P, NEIM-STIM Needle Electrical IntraMuscular Stimulator

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Needle Electrical IntraMuscular Stimulator is a static stimulation to the trigger point(s) through monopolar needle. It is operated manually with one muscle, one needle stick & 3mins stimulation principle.

Since the NEIMS is derived from electrodiagnosis (especially needle EMG), the practice (and hence outcome) should be based on the precise localization of muscle and trigger point.

NEIMS uses the monopolar needle. It's according to bodily dissection treatment muscle spot, does not use the acupuncture point theory, which is carries on the medical scientific way.

*3 adjustments -- TIMER, TONE and INTENSITY.
*Safety feature -- Sound alarm.
*Micro current treatment.
*Adjust settings to suit your needs.

*Direct relaxes the muscle.
*Promotion blood circulation.
*Consumption nerve muscle contact Ach vesicle.
*Occupies in the ache to conduct the way.
*Activation brain ache control area.
*The melt fibrosis moistens mounts the organization.
*Supply energy.

*Channels : 2 channels.
*Output frequencies : 2Hz.
*Waveform : symmetrical biphasic waveform.
*Timer : 3min/10min/continue.
*Low battery indicator : power LED dims or turns red when batteries need replacing.
*Power supply : two 9 volt batteries.
*Size : 66 x 176 x 208mm .
*Weight : approx. 440 grams without batteries.

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