Security Window Film

Security Window Film

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WeeTect Security Window Film (WSWF) also names window security film which is a coated polycarbonate or polyester film with permanent anti-scratch properties on the outer layer and a back adhesive on the inner layer. It is an explosion proof film to keep window safety by high impact resistant and super good back adhesive. 

WeeTect Security Window Film (WSWF) offers excellent impact resistance, optical clarity, and anti-scratch performance. It is an easy and economical way to keep clients exist glass panel but improve the impact resistance and superior protection on anti-terrorism proposition. With superior performance for manufacturers or companies in security window film, WeeTect Security Window Film (WSWF) excels in abrasion and impact resistance. With a long life guaranteed, WeeTect helps your business reduce significant costs. WeeTect Security Window Film (WSWF) is applicable to all specialized buildings such as: jewelry shops, museums, counters, residences and more.
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