Semicircle edge skin multi blade saw

Semicircle edge skin multi blade saw

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Semicircle edge skin multi-blade saw
This multi-blade saw can saw triangle and edge skin material into thin one,one piece or multi-pieces compatible,accurate in sawing with slim saw track,making full use of semicircle edge skin.
Saw pin length:50cm-300cm
Feeding speed:6m/min
Processing width:5cm-15cm(need to customized)
Feed motor power:0.55kw
Processing thickness:0.5cm-3cm(customizable)
Cooling way:axis water spray
The main motor power:5.5kw
Cooling water pressure:0.30-0.60MPa
Shape dimension:130cm*120cm*130cm
Model and saw blades specifications:
MJB 60    160*1.6*40*28T
MJB100    180*1.8*40*28T
MJB130    210*2.0*40*28T
MJB150    255*2.2*40*28T
BKD # 619859
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