Separator of ball and cylpebs

Separator of ball and cylpebs

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It mainly used to separator riser of steel balls and cyplebs, clean the burr of ball and also polish the surface of ball and cyipebs.

It adopts mechanization to deal with the steel balls and cylpebs ,closed operation, which reduce the labor intensity ,eliminate danger and optimize products quality .
Main parts
The shape of this separator is hexahedron . In the roller, there is scaleboard, adopted motor to drive .the motor is fixed on the frame vertically .you can  adjust bolt to adjust the place of the motor ,so that to adjust the elasticity of the v-belt . On the one side of the roller, there is a feeder and on the lower side ,there is a skew broad ,which is easy for person to bagging.

Overall dimension :2.65m*1.85m*2m
Motor power :18.5kw
Reducer : Qin Xin 500
Single workload :1.0-1.5T
BKD # 619226
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