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Service Inmate phone

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SPQ-M-KT2 has the similar parameters and functions with SPQ-M-KT1.We can customize shell color according to customer requirements. It is mainly used for voice communication in public working environment such as hospital, shops, banks, airports, stations etc,
A Features
1, This phone can be easily wall mounted without the need for a separate mounting device.2, maintaining a simple, open the machine, all accessories for easy removal3, has a keypad lock, lift the handset within 3 seconds, only allow free labor and other special service number dialing 110,120,1194, pick up the handset more than 3 seconds, if there is no dial-up will be automatically connected to the preset speed dial numbers for help or advice.5, after the call if the handset is not hung, or drop the phone handset to boot within 30 seconds the unit will automatically hang up, to prevent the busy6, the settings are not lost after power failure, permanent preservation.7, built-in interface, access to telephone lines are not exposed, to prevent tearing the telephone line or private access phone stolen telephone.8, a small fault, the circuit board designed to take into account the diversity of the outdoor environment, reduce phone fault;9, after-sales service: quick response, one-stop service;

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