SF260 High-temperature Drilling Liquid Thinner

SF260 High-temperature Drilling Liquid Thinner

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SF260 High-temperature Drilling Liquid Thinner
1. Production Description
SF260 Fluorine Silicon High-temperature Drilling Liquid Thinner is the new technologic production which we researched by our research and develop institution. This production is firstly created home by us and has been checked by experts, and its technology has the lead at home and has achieved international advanced level. It is National intellectual property institution award patent of invention. The core ingredient is copolymer which transform from special chemical reaction of organic silicon and organic fluorine, which make the product excellent nature of resisting hyperthermia and lowing stick.
This production has ultra strong ability to dilute and fall stick in the mud that surpass ability of the hard chromic salt, and its prominent characteristic is anti-hyperthermia, anti-salt, anti-calcium, besides above ,it has the function of disperser, lubrication, and antifoaming to the drilling fluid system, and control hydrating shale and improve mudding function of drilling fluid. When the mud density is 1.5 g/cu.cm, the product still have good stability, and the mud maintenance processing time last more than 7days. Also reducing gelatin intensity and shearing force and enhance greatly efficiency of well drilling. This kind of product is green and environmental protection with non-toxic, and non-pollution. Have obtain the experts consistent high praise and have been the first choice in well drilling project after applying to all kinds deep wells of geological structure.

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