SGSC Structure Lightning Impulse Voltage Generator System

SGSC Structure Lightning Impulse Voltage Generator System

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This system uses SGSC structure, and design under the standard of IEC and ANSI/IEEE.

There are whole sets of experimental instruments for impulse voltage generators whose capacity vary from 200KV to 1200KV.We can also supply several whole sets of waveform impulse voltage generator.They mainly consist of generator self,sheet cutting,voltage divider,four-modules console,and digital recording system of waveforms.

Impulse voltage testing of electrical equipment is one of the basic high-voltage test, electrical equipment must be validated or verified by impact test after the design, manufacture and repair. Common electrical equipment including power transformers, instrument transformers, HV switches, switchgear, surge arrester, power cables and accessories, such as bushing and insulator, all should take impact test.

1. Ultra-small portable compact structure.

2. Little loop inductance.

3. Small equipment energy but with large carring capacity.

The system is used for impulse voltage experiments of standardized lightning abrupt wave, operating shock wave and other special waveform for transformers, reactors, instrument transformers and other HV electric appliances, HV thyristor gates SVC(HVDC), power cables, HV insulators and bushings.

Power equipments suppliers, railway communications, Aerospace and aerospace vehicles, science and research institutes of military industry, colleges and universities and lightning proof experiments of meteorology departments.

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