Shaking table

Shaking table

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Shaking table is a kind of widely used gravity beneficiation equipment. The outstanding characteristic of shaking table is high rich ore ratio, it often gets the final ore concentrate, at the same time can tell finally tailings, can effectively deal with fine grain materials. In addition to widely used for processing tin, tungsten, gold, lead, zinc, iron, niobium, tantalum, titanium, manganese, iron ore and arsenic and gold placer, it is also used for treatment of rare metal ores, ferrous metal ores, ferrous metal ores and coal.

Shaking table structure features:
Shaking Table mainly consists of bedhead, motor, adjustable slope, the bed surface, mine shafts, sink, reflex and lubricating system. The bed surface is supported or slinged by a frame,and the machine frame is provided with adjustable slope device.
Shaking table is using mechanical shaking and the flow of water to carry out the particles separation according to density.

Shaking table working principle:
The wave from sink into the bed, covers lateral tilt of the bed surface, and forms a thin layer of uniform cant flow. When the material ( ore pulp concentration of 25% to 30%) gravity to the bed surface , Mineral particles in the bed or the groove are suffering irrigation water and the bed surface vibration to be loose and layered.The upper light mineral particles ger big impact, most of the momentum along the bed surface horizontal slopes down campaign and become tailings.

At the bottom layer of the bed heavy mineral particles move along the longitudinal direction for bearing the differential movement of bed surface, discharged from the opposite of drive end, called the concentrate. Mineral particles of different densities on the bed surface are shaked by the different horizontal and vertical effects so that their final movements are in a different direction, fan out on the surface, which can get a variety of different quality products.

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