Shale ceramsite production line

Shale ceramsite production line

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Shale ceramsite introduction:
Shale ceramsite is also known as the expansion of shale. Clay shale, slate, by crushing, screening, or grinding into balls, burning swelling ,become the particle size of 5 mm or more light coarse aggregate shale ceramsite. Shale ceramsite according to the process is divided into: by crushing, screening, burning swelling from the ordinary type of shale ceramsite; grinding, into a ball, burning swelling from the spherical shale ceramsite. The ceramsite generally is used to replace the gravel and pebbles in the concrete.

Light shale ceramsite features:
Lightweight shale ceramsite filter material using natural rock - shale as raw material, after the high temperature, calcination refined. It is non-toxic, tasteless, good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and has a good adsorption performance and strong shale ceramsite production process, applicable to all types of water purification processing. Also used for bonsai flower soilless cultivation. Due to the advantages of light material, compressive, insulation, shockproof, antifreeze, without radiation it can also be used as energy-saving building materials.

Shale ceramsite broken equipment:
Our shale crusher equipment include jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, mobile crushing machine.
Shale ceramsite milling equipment:
Screening to achieve a certain granularity, raw materials are sent into the ball mill grinding chamber. The ball mill cavity equipped with 90 tons of steel balls, can grind shale powder to 10 mesh. Continuous impact force act on a mixture of shale and clay to reduce water content low to 10%.

Shale production process:
Shale production process is as follows: mining - primary broken - second crushing - screening - temporary storage- Feeding - sintering - finished grading screening - piled up - transportation (bagging).
Shale production process is generally divided into five stages, the raw material preparation, drying, preheating, roasting and cooling. Shale ore is broken by the jaw crusher broken sift, select 3mm ~ 5mm diameter of the particles as the raw material, raw material into the electric furnace for preheating, warm-up is completed , immediately fed into the the rotary kiln at the target temperature roasting, after the roasting is completed , at room temperature cooling to get ceramsite.

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