Sharp PDA LCD LS024B7DW51

Sharp PDA LCD LS024B7DW51

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Our company offers various PDA LCDs mainly used for PDA mobile phones, playstations, GPS devices, etc. The products can be used for the PDA models of Acer, Dopod, Himalaya, HP, HTC, I-Mate, Lenovo, Loox, MDA, Orange SPV, Qtex, Sony, Toshiba, Treo, etc. The LCDs are brand new and strictly-tested before delivery. Excellent quality, competitive price! If you are interested in our products, please contact with us, more details will be provided.
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The models following below are the ones we have in stock:
Toppoly TD035STEB1:Acer3230/3250, N30/N35/N50, ASUS A620/A620BT, Asus MyPal A716, Holux GPS mile 60
TD035STEB2: Dopod699/696(2nd gen), Loox420, Himalaya, HP ipaq37xx, HP ipaq Rx3x15,HTC Alpine, Orange SPV 1500, PDA2, XDA Iii, Qtex2020i
TD035STEB3: HP1717/2110/2410/2750, HP ipaq hx21xx, ipaq 24xx/27xx
TD035STEB4: Acer N30/N35/N50, Asus A635
TD035STED1: Dopod D700(1st gen, silver line), Orange SPV 2000, Qtex9090, XDA IIs, HTC Blueangel
TD035STED3: Loox520
TD035STED4: Asus632, A636
TD035STED5: HP ipaq 194x/1950
TD028STEB1: Dopod818/828/838, 818pro, I-mate PDA2k, 02xda mini, Orange M500, Orange SPV M3000, Orange SPV M600, Qtex S100/S110/S200, T-Mobile MDA Vario,UTStarcommPPC-6700
TD022SHEB2: Dopod 565/575/585/586, Audiovox SMT5600, I-mate SP3i, SP3, 02xphone, Orange SPV C500, Qtex8010, HTC Amadeus
TD022THEC1: Dopod 566/586/c600/595/596, I-mate SP5m, I-mate SPJAS, Orange SPV C700, Qtex8300/8310/8600, T-Mobile SDA

LQ035Q7DB02: Acer N10
LQ035Q7DH01: Dell Axim X3
LQ035Q7DH01: Garmin c310 street pilot
LQ035Q7DH04: Dell Axim X30, Dell X30
LQ035Q7DH05: Dell Axim X50
LQ035Q2DD54: Sharp Rz-N150S
LS037V7DD03: Casio DT-10M50, Cingular2125
LS037V7DD02: Hitachi e800
LS037V7DD05: Dell X50U, Dell Axim X50V
LS030Q7DH01: Lenovo Et280
LS040V7DD02: Toshiba e800/e8xx
LQ030B7DH53: Zire 71/72

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