Shenzhen Hailingke13.95KW portable Oil Cooling Chillers

Shenzhen Hailingke13.95KW portable Oil Cooling Chillers

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The oil chiller is a unit which performs cooling of the hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and cooling oil of machine tools. In various parts of the machine tool spindles the bearings and gears get overheated and thermal deformation occurs due to the high speed rotational impact. Then the displacement of the shaft affects the machining accuracy. Also, as a result of the temperature rising of the hydraulic oil of the actuator, impact on the machining accuracy resulting from oil degradation due to changes in speed is also a reason for concern. The Oil Chiller performs cooling down by circulating oil and thus prevents oil temperature rise. The environmental resistance is also significantly improved compared with conventional units. Even at times when a lot of oil mist gets scattered, this product demonstrates the capability of being "dirt resistant" and "able to retain its functionalities even when getting dirty".

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