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Shooting Net

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Up to 15 meters shooting range and coverage space as much as 16 square meters.
The air-charged SHOOTING NET is a state-of-the-art police or Security guard equipment with air as the driving power for shooting, The successful completion of the development of this product has filled a gap both domestically and internationally for the Shooting Net with air as the driving power. Compared with the similar products driven by gunpowder so this kind of products with gun powder need Government approval while our product do not require a government approval. The most outstanding advantage of the current product is its safety and environmental friendly as well as the low costs in operations.
In Your Home
Keep this great SHOOTING NET in your home for pure security purpose. Now you can sleep peacefully as you have a weapon that do not need a license and it can catch invaders without any fight or injury.
In Your Car
Keep it in your car for the emergency use, It can catch a robber without harming him.
Outdoor Partner.
This great item is a great companion for your outdoor activity like camping or hiking. Now you do not have to worry for the wild animals or thieves, you can catch them without any resistance.
Safe Animal Catching.
Hunters are happy with this amazing device, now you can catch any animal without harming or injuring them.
Armed police.
Very useful for armed police. they do not need to use force to catch the BAD GUYS. now it is much easier to capture the suspects without harming them, now no one can sue them for illegal harassment.
Security guards.
Now Security guards can take a breath that they have SHOOTING NET with them, Now they can catch the thieves. As security guards do not have a gun they always need to fight with stick and 95% thieves will run away as they are unable to catch the thieves with a stick only but now they can catch every thieves with this SHOOTING NET without harming them.
Riot Control Force.
It is much easier to use SHOOTING NET in a riot then guns and waster canons
city metros, airports, railway or bus stations, oil refilling stations, oil fields, chemical industrial sites or some other special locations.

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