shot blasting medias

shot blasting medias

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Supply High Strength, Long Durable 
-	- Cast Steel Shot, Cast Steel Grit, Steel Cut Wire Shot
 Zouping County Taixing Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd is Shandong Kaitai Metal Abrasive Co., Ltd import and export company.   Our main product is steel shot, steel grit, stainless cut wire,  steel grinding ball, Kaitai company is the largest of its kind in China.  With strong technical force, advanced equipment, the company has the capacity of 55000 tons of abrasive products in per year and 220 million yuan of output value, The price is the lowest in market. The company has perfect quality control system. The test for material life and composition, which is carried out by fatigue tester introduced from U.S.A and ICP spectrometer produced in Germany Spike company, show that all the  products meet the standard of SAE and all the products gained the quality certificate of ISO9001 and are well sold all over the world and widely accepted by the users.SS steel shot, with its strong interior structure, invulnerability to breakage and evenly distributed sizes. Has marvellouse effect of increasing stress and improving the fatigue strenth of the workpieces.
SS steel shot and SG steel grit have moderate strenth, excellent elseticity and speedy working performance, which enable them to treat workpieces with complex structures and formations. The application of our products will greatly reduce the processing time, increase productivity, and cut down the cost. They have fewer interior flaws. They are made of tempered martensite and can resist impulses. A long durability is ensure.
Strict quality control goes with every process of manufacture of SS steel shot and SG steel grit. Our products can modernize your surface processing work.
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