SIC & MoSi2 heating elements

SIC & MoSi2 heating elements

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MoSi2 heating element is based on molybdenum disilicide resistance heating element. The molybdenum disilicide heating element prevents the core from oxidizing by forming a dense quartz glass coating on the surface at high temperatures. MoSi2 produces temperatures up to 1700 to 1800 ° C In an oxidizing atmosphere. They can be widely used in such as electronic ceramics, structural ceramics,
Magnetic materials, fireproof materials, glass, metallurgy and other sintering and heat treatment applications. The resistance of the heating element is independent of its mission time. MoSi2 heating elements are almost no aging, which allows the mix of old and new packaging. After long-term use at a lower temperature of about 400 to 700 ° C, the element will be pulverized due to enhanced oxidation in this temperature range.
Products include 1700, 1800 level. Packed in U-shaped, W-shaped, linear (X-shaped) and curved shape (L-shaped). Dimensions range from 3 / 6,4 / 9,5 / 10,6 / 10,6 / 12,6 / 14,7 / 14,8 / 16,9 / 18 to 12 / 24mm.
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1800 grade, Sprial.
Product specifications / model
Dia: 3 / 6mm, 4 / 9mm, 6 / 12mm, 9 / 18mm, 12 / 24mm.
Application / model
These typical applications include electronics, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, ceramics, glass, metallurgy and machinery.

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