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Type: Manufacturer
Employees: 101-500
Area served: Worldwide
Sichuan Y&J Industries Co., Ltd. as a Group Listed Company, inclusive subsidiary and manufacturing base: Sichuan Sistem Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd, Zigong Jiate CNC Machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd, Sichuan Hengrui machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd, Sichuan KCON Valve manufacturing Co., Ltd, Zigong Tongda Machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd, and one overseas sub company named Australian Valve & Engineering Pty Ltd, and inclusive America office for valve, Spain office for CNG, India office for vacuum metallizer.
Sichuan Sistem Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd, hereafter called: SIS Vacuum, as professional manufacture of vacuum metallizer/vacuum metalizing machine quipment in China, our high vacuum film aluminum metallizer is specially used to evaporate-metallize aluminum layer on the surface of rolling film such as PET, OPP, CPP, PE for food packaging, holographic film, anti-counterfeit material , labels, metallic yarn, metallic glitter powder, hot stamping foil, rainbow film ,capacitor film, gifts packing film, kinds of decoration film etc with the thickness from 6 to 50 micron and width from 1000-3200mm.
Products can be further described as:
1. Packaging film vacuum metallizer / vacuum metalizing machine-evaporating boat type,
2. Film vacuum metalizing machine-vacuum metallizer-crucible type.
3. Film vacuum metallising machine-vacuum metalliser-magnetron sputtering type.
4. Capacitor film vacuum coating machine-vacuum metallizer.
5. Optical PVD vacuum coating machine, inclusive AR coating, AF coating, anti gloss film, cold light film, laser film, solar control film etc.
6. Box type magnetron sputtering vacuum coating machine.
7. Automobile headlight vacuum coating machine.
These products that cover a vast range are applied to almost all fields, including Food packaging, optics, electronics, watches, clocks, plastic, chemical industry, automobile, food, metallurgy, paper making, ceramics, glass, train, ship, doors, windows, curtain film, anti-static and electromagnetic film, decorative film, packaging film, solar greenhouse film, electric heater film, anti-frost and fog transparent film, LCD display and electroluminescent display with transparent electrode film.

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March 21, 2017


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