Silicon Rubber Composite Insulator

Silicon Rubber Composite Insulator

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Silicon Rubber Composite Insulator
Hebei silicon valley chemical Co, LTD take the professional advantage of new area of the organosilicon and silicon-fluorine new material. It applies to research, manufacture and service of products as electric external insulation. According to the goal of science, innovation, refinement and credibility trustiness, apply multi Patent technologies to Silicon Valley composite insulator. This product has its special character other than the same character which the other composite insulators have.
1. The umbrella set of the insulator has celerity, continuance, balanced hydrophobic mobility, and hydrophobic resume behavior. Solved the difficult problem which the hydrophobic behavior of the silicon rubber insulator easy to lose.
2. Presses the type synthesis insulator. Compare with the other similar insulators, its earth capacitance is smaller, thus its voltage distribution is evener. It s ratio of the highest and the lowest electric-field intensity of 110KV synthesis insulator, which difference reaches above 3 times. After test approve of legal inspection institution, the ratio of the highest and the lowest electric-field intensity of 110KV synthesis insulator, fall to 1.97 times from original 3.62 times. Estimates this technical utilization above the 220~500KV synthesis insulator, its effect will be able to be more obvious. This technology has reported the national monopoly.
3. An umbrella set of mechanical strength is good, Bears the aging, the service life is long. The silicon fluorine rubber synthesis insulator take the silicon fluorine rubber as the umbrella wrap. The silicon fluorine rubber is a high polymer which takes the silica key as the principal chain element. Because of the chemical constitution contains the fluorocarbon radical the fluorine carbon bond can be big, the structure is compact, and the stability is good. As a result of new material application, enhanced stability of the umbrella set under the movement environment (not easy to pulverize or crack), prolong the useful life of the product.
4. has the arc-over demonstration ball aperture equalizing ring. The product provides an arc-over demonstration ball aperture equalizing ring. The equalizing ring makes of the alloy aluminum material, the effect of its presses and directs is the same as the other equalizing ring. The different is, installs a ball in the equalizing ring jaw opening which makes of the special material. Its surface besets with a metal material. When the insulator has the arc-over accident, the pellet has the major damage, causes to do an inspection in the situation of the people in not to ascend the pole and to find the fault point promptly, and replace the ball. This reduction patrols the line personnel work load, has saved the accident process time. This structure equalizing ring has reported the national monopoly.
5. The nose fitting has the cementation and the compression connection dual crafts.

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