silicon rubber increases climbs umbrella skirt

silicon rubber increases climbs umbrella skirt

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The high temperature vulcanizing fluorine silicon rubber increases climbs umbrella skirt
A. Purpose
The high temperature vulcanizing fluorine silicon rubber increases climbs umbrella skirt (climbs skirt for short) is used in equipment porcelain of the station with AC35-220kv and above. It can enhance the flashover voltage of serious defilement area effectively. It is also good corrosion proof and aging resistance. After use this product, increases climbs effect is evidently, and the capability of flashover presentation and ice-flash presentation is improved effectively. The climbs skirt is light in weight. It is convenience to construct scene.

B. Structure and use
climbs skirt is silicon fluorine rubber product. It is the only producer in china. It is detected by national authority institution. Its insulatibity, hydrophobic and mobility etc. are all better than general rubber products. When use in normal temperature, bond the umbrella skirt and porcelain by silicon fluorine bond. Attention to fill by bond at the opening joint, don not leave clearance, make the umbrella skirt and porcelain to one thing. Clear odd bond after planish. The power can run after the surface is dry.

C. Bond
a) Clear
Use clean cloth wipes the surface of porcelain, wipe off defilement.
b) Preassemble
Please choose the umbrella skirt which inner diameter match up with the porcelain and the outer diameter accord with the request, carry on packing.
c) Rubberize
Well-distributed rubberize on the surface of the scraper (about 0.5mm). Apply the bond of the same thickness at the opposite of umbrella skirt.
d) Suit
Case the rubberized umbrella skirt and well placed. Even press the surface in order to remove the air in the joint surface, remove odd bond.
D. Package and deposit
a) Pack with the box.
b) Decide the package number according to the different size of umbrella piece. Attach the introduction and inspection certificate.
c) Pack the bond by itself.
d) Deposit it at dry place, avoid contacting with oil and other harmful material.
e) Don not pile up over three floors. Avoid breaking the package through transport.
f) Pay attention to avoid breaking the umbrella skirt by sharp weapon when open the box.
E. Order notice
a) Notice the type, size, number and deliver date in the order.
b) Contact unit: Hebei Silicon Valley Chemical Co., Ltd, High Voltage Electric Factory
Direct-current suspended type porcelain
Insulator increases climbs skirt
A. Purpose
Direct-current suspended type porcelain insulator increases climbs skirt is a new product of our company, special used in increase climb of direct current or alternating current suspended type insulator.
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