Simulation Wireless Repeater

Simulation Wireless Repeater

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The Simulation Wireless Repeater is traditional repeater, which can achieve the bidirectional simulated amplification of the base station uplink and downlink signal directly (without digital disposal). It is used to expand and extend the base station coverage, fill signal area where mobile signal is blind and weak.

Product Category:
The Wireless Repeater can be divided into Wireless Band Selective Repeater and Wireless Channel Selective Repeater.
Wireless Band Selective Repeater: amplify the signal of chose band. Bandwidth Fixed Single Wave Band Selective Repeater, Bandwidth Fixed Dual Wave Band Selective Repeater, Bandwidth Adjustable Single/Dual Wave Band Selective Repeater.

Wireless Channel Selective Repeater: only amplifier the appointed signal in operating channel. The coverage products include Single Channelized, Dual Channelized, Four-channel Channelized, Six-channel Channelized, and Eight-channel Channelized Repeater.

According to the system composing the Wireless Repeater can be also divided into single system, dual system, and multi-system (above three).

Product Features :
1.Advanced and scientific design of low noise circuit, high sensitivity.
2.ALC Automatic Control and reflex protection circuit, prevent accidental burnout.
3.Adopting advanced LDMOS power amplifier with highly linearity and low intermodulation, the linearity and intermodulation indexes of whole machine are excellent
4.The work channel and work band in district can be chose without the limits of frequency carries, frequency hopping and expands accommodates.
5.Perfect Local and remote network monitoring, has initiative alarm function, and parameters can be inquired and set.
6.Crate accord with IP65 protection and high heat-dissipation design, able to work outdoor all-weather
7.Overall product series and perfect power grade to satisfy different requirements of network coverage
8.Adopts standard 19" compact cabinet with IP55 protection and compact size, and the externality design easy to install.
Multi-system equipment Individual RF Power Booster for every wireless system which all adopts 19"/2U box and very easy be swapped according system requirement.

Technical parameters:
Maximum output power(dBm)27~48
Gain(dB) 70~98
Gain adjustment range(dB) >=30
Noise factor(dB) <=4.0(at maximum gain)
VSWR <=1.4
Power requirement AC220V±20% 45~55Hz, DC-48V±20% or solar cell supply
Local and remote monitoring power, gain, standing wave, input power sign, output power, temperature, fault alarm ,etc.
Remote monitor type GPRS or Interneter or SMS
Work temperature(°C) -20~+40(indoor); -40~+55(outdoor)
MTBF (H) >50000

Typical Application:
1.Indoor: Shopping Malls, Hotels, Offices building ,Exhibition, Basements, Tunnels etc.
2. Outdoor: City, Villages, Country, District, Mine, Factories and mines, Highway, Railway, Tourism Regions etc.
3. can meet the requirement of antenna isolation to avoid self-oscillation.

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