single/three phase Electric Isolation Transformer

single/three phase Electric Isolation Transformer

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1. Isolation transformer is used for low-voltage distribution system, isolate load from power. Single phase and three phase are available.
2. Can protect the equipment from electric shock, and provide neutrality point to form isolation and grounding.
3. Mainly used for isolating equipment from power grid, for safety and anti-interference situation.
Technique Specification
1. Power range: less than 1000KVA.
2. Reactive Strength: Winding-winding, Winding-ground 4000VAC/50Hz/60S. Free of arcing breakage
3. Insulation Resistance: Winding-ground 500VDC,insulation resistance more than 100M Ohm.
4. Reactor noise is less than 65dB(to be measured at the point 1 meter away from the reactor horizontally) .
5. Protection class: IP00 or as customer required.
6. Insulation class: H
7. Environment exists without gas, steam, chemical deposition, dust or dirt that will affect transformer insulation seriously, explosive or corrosive medium is not allowed.
8. Standard: IEC726:1982 dry power transformer
GB6450-86(equivalent to IEC726:198)

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