Sliding table saw

Sliding table saw

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Sliding table saw:
Processing material: log
Saw pin length:30cm-200cm
Machining diameter:<40cm
Spindlw speed:3800 turn
Main motor power:11kw*1set
Feeding speed:10m artificial
Feeding method:by manual
Blade arrangement: up and down single blade
Cooling water pressure:no need
Cooling method:No
Working length:150cm;100cm
Outer dimension:280cm*125cm*150cm
Saw blade specifications:
480*4.2/3.2*60*48+6 40cm
405*3.6/2.8*60*36+4 30cm
350*3.0/2.45*50*36+4 25cm
New sliding table saw features at high safety in performance.
Saw pin surface is smooth,flat and eve,suitable for processing short timber,hard wood and log with big diameter.
Adjustable specification.Suitable for sawing long timber more than 30cm in length,log with big diameter.
BKD # 619861
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