Slurry Metering System

Slurry Metering System

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The metering system is the essential equipment in the process of aerated concreted products for the following reasons:1, The process realizes automatic control of raw materials weighing measurement.2, To meet the requirements of the aerated brick equipment on the ratio of raw materials.3, To guarantee a set of comprehensive metering system in the production line. The main metering items include: 2 metering tanks(one for lime cement and another for slurry), 2 sensors, 5 valves, electronically controlled metering cabinet, etc. Ratio of raw materials must be processed according to the actual requirements to ensure the quality of products. The sensor is necessary for each measuring tank to accurately grasp of the number of raw materials. Through the use of electronically controlled metering cabinet can realize automatic control of raw materials weighing measurement. Accessories: Metering tank, sensor.

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