Smart transformer calibrator

Smart transformer calibrator

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Display mode: Chinese large LCD
Storage function: PT, CT scan data every 40 group, On CT 1% of the error data storage point,
Automatic measurement: Can automatic measurement, according to defined procedures for S level transformer automatic measurement,
Online functions: With H - H calibration platform and HDH software interface;
Printing function: real-time or inquires the print,
Polarity judgment: Automatic judgment polarity, effectively guarantee personal safety and instrument.
Technical parameters
Measuring object: PT CT Y Z
Working scope: Current 1 ~ 149% (note: can school S level transformer voltage 5 ~ 149% Measuring scope:
a) In-phase component (%) : 0.0001 ~ 19.99 resolution: 0.0001
b) Quadrature component (points) : 0.001 ~ 600nm resolution: 0.001
c) Friction resistance : 0.0001 ~ 5.99 for resolution: 0.0001
d) Guide na (mS) : 0.0001 ~ 5.99 for resolution: 0.0001
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