Smooth TPU Protective Case with Plastic Bumper for iPhone 5C

Smooth TPU Protective Case with Plastic Bumper for iPhone 5C

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Brand new high quality Smooth TPU Protective Case For iPhone 5C

Made of durable TPU material, offers anti-slip grip and comfortable feeling

Special color gradient design producing smooth color transitions, it makes the case unique

Shelter your device from shock and scratching, dust

Easy to access to the ports and buttons, cameras with perfect cutouts

No need to disassemble the device to install the case, just remove the bumper and snap it into the case

Perfect fit for iPhone 5C



Color: Pink-Yellow/White-Yellow/White-Pink-Yellow/Light blue-Pink/Light blue-Yellow/White-Pink

(Color mentioned in the description may not match the real product,please refer to the pictures when you purchase)

Net Weight: 22g

Dimensions: 12.8x6.2x0.8 cm

Compatible with: iPhone 5C
BKD # 620000

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