Socket Type Energy Meter

Socket Type Energy Meter

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1 Type Socket Meter
2 Accuracy 1
3 Reference voltage 3*220/380V (or 3*110/220V)
4 Range of working voltage 0.9Un~1.1Un
5 Referece frequency 50Hz (or 60Hz)
6 Connect 3 Phase 4 Wires
7 Reference current 20(100)A
8 Constant of meter 800imp/kWh (or Other)
9 Starting current 0.4%Ib
10 Working temperature -25C~65C
11 Storage temperature -40C~75C
12 Relative humidity 85% (or up to 95%)
31 Display LCD
13 Standard IEC 1036 Maximum and Minimum parameters
14 Maximum and Minimum voltage 0.8Un~1.15Un
15 Maximum and Minimum temperature -30C~70C
16 Per Current cicle power comsuption <=1VA
17 Per Voltage circle power comsuption <=2W 4VA
Experimental Requirements
18 Starting test can
19 No Load test can
20 AC pressure resistance 2kV
21 Impulse voltage 6kV

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