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Soda sand blaster, sand blasting unit price

Soda sand blaster, sand blasting unit price

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Sandblasting machine features:
1. Sandblasting machine metal parts from being damaged, dimensional accuracy will not change;
2. Parts surface is not affected by pollution, abrasive will not react with parts material for;
3. The sand blasting machine can easily deal with grooves, concave touching part, such as a variety of particle size of abrasive can choose to use;
4. Handling cost greatly reduced, mainly embodied in the sandblasting machine work efficiency, can satisfy the requirement of all kinds of thefamily;
5. Low energy consumption, cost province;
6. Sandblasting machine polluting the environment, save the environmental governance cost.

Scope of application:
Sandblasting machine is a new surface treatment processing equipment, widely used in machinery, locks, electronic clock and watch, glasses, hardware tools, moulds, glass, ceramics, handicrafts, medical equipment and other industries, to eliminate the casting blank, forging, stamping, welding, heat treatment and machining parts of scale, residue and burr, three-dimensional sculpture, glass flower spray process.The ornamental such as clocks and watches, glasses have the beautiful effect of imitation alloy surface.Is the ideal surface processing and handling equipment.

Technical parameters

Type BT150 BT225 BT500 BT800 BT1500 BT3000
Capacity 1 Cuft 2 Cuft 5 Cuft 8 Cuft 15 Cuft 30 Cuft
Blast time 30min 60 min 90 min 120 min 3 hour 4~5hour
Hose 10m 15m 15m 15m 15m 30m

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