Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate

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Product Details

Main Advantages

High purity, low heavy metal,Chloride contents and PH value;
Free flow, no cakings or lumps with good whiteness & Solubility;
Low Ammonium content;

Chemical Composition Analysis

Parameter	Specification	Typical Results
Purity Of NaHCO3 ( Not Total Aki Content)		99.8 %
Loss On Dry		0.08 %
PH Value		8.1
Content Of As		< 0.0001 %
Content Of Heavy Metals (Calculate as Pb)	< 0.0005 %
Content Of Ammonium Salt		Qualified
Clarity		Qualified
Content Of Chloride		0.05 %
Whiteness		92
Appearance		White Powder

Main Application

1. Food additives;	
2.Feed additives;
3. Flu gastreatment; 	
4. Detergents & deodorants;
5. Dying, printing & foaming agents;	
6.Fire-extinguish agent;
7. Environmentalprojects;	
8. Water treatment.
BKD # 620065
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