soup cube

soup cube

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Anhui Qiangwang Flavouring Food Co.,Ltd
1st,shengli Road,Industrial Park,Jieshou City,Anhui Province,China, Jieshou, Anhui, 236500, China
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Bouillon Cube,Seasoning Cube,Stock Cube,chicken poulet,soup cube 
Flavours: Chicken,Fish,Shrimp,Beef,Mutton,Curry,Onion,Tomato,and so on.
(1)	10g/pc,60pcs/box,24boxes/carton,14.40kg/carton
(2)	10g/pc,48pcs/box,30boxes/carton,
(3)	4g/pc,112pcs/box,30boxes/carton,13.44kg/carton
(4)	4g/pc,25pcs/box,80boxes/carton,8.00kg/carton
(5)	4g/pc,100pcs/box,20boxes/carton,8.00kg/carton
Whats more,the specification and packing can be  produced as customers request.
BKD # 204851

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