SPQ-4ARC0830-60 (standard definition)

SPQ-4ARC0830-60 (standard definition)

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SPQ-4ARC0830-60 IR cut filters are great for day time images, because the sunlight does not cause a pink hue in the image. However they do not work at night because it blocks out light from an IR light illuminator. In a word, without a IR cut filter the night time images turn out very good but the daytime images have a pink discoloration. This cut switch allows the IR filter to be turned on and off. The IR Cut Switch filters out intensive light to create more beautiful and natural image color in either day or night.

The filter glass is fixed with the coil, when the polarity of the DC current which applied to the coil is changed, the filter will be auto switched.

Use Scope: Suitable for network cameras, megapixels, infrared one, CCTV cameras, IP cameras, both a variety of cameras

Main features:
1, day and night switching, automatic positioning. Sunshine color fidelity, night vision infrared transparent.

2, installed in the camera CCD / COMS local board, to make corrections color cast, out of focus problems, prompting the screen capture image without losing focus, no color cast.

3, to filter light so that the screen colors and softer, to achieve the same visual color the human eye. Use of magnetic type, pulse power supply, automatic positioning, day and night switch. With phosphoric acid glass, true to color.

Currently on the market the most stable two-filter switches on the market to solve the same type of dual filter switch a card, do not switch, the installation is difficult, error change, calls can not be self-and other issues, anti-vibration. Needless to standard installation position, any position can be installed.

IR-CUT filter dual switch IR electromagnetic / electromechanical filter switch
Motorized filter switch Electromagnetic / electromechanical filter switch IR-CUT

IR filter glass size 8.1mm×7.5mm×0.3mm
Dummy glass size 8.1mm×7.5mm×0.3mm
Applicable to 1/3 ,1/4inch CCD/CMOS camera
Dimensions: 32×28×13.6mm

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