Spray bottle washer

Spray bottle washer

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Establish working routine willfully, easy to use. Operating speed is stability. 
1. Technology specification
Model	CX-18	CX-12
Production capacity	3000-6000 b/h	2000-4000 b/h
Bottle neck	50-100mm	50-100mm
Bottle height	160-320mm	160-320mm
Mainframe power	0.75kw	0.75kw
Outer size	1600×1500×1700(mm)	1200×1100×1700(mm)
Machine weight	1200kg	800kg
2.       Technology parameter
Washing medium	Sterile water
Washing time	3s
Drying time	2s
Water pressure	0.2Mpa-0.4Mpa
3.       Operation principle
Conveyor belt put the bottles into the bottle inlet screw, which synchronously convey the clean needed bottles to the center transferring manipulator with the star wheel, and the manipulator along with the rotary table are spraying and washing the cleaning needed bottles, it will revert into the start-off state after completed, then the bottle outlet star wheel send the cleaned bottle out, then the whole process is completed.
BKD # 348235
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