Spring tine harrow

Spring tine harrow

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Robust spring tine harrow is designed as versatile and cost effective farm machinery for pasture maintenance and cereal weeding. It prepares a smoother, cleaner, better seed bed as a result of reasonable structure.

Spring tine with OD 3/8 inch

This coil tine harrow is available in 3 working widths of 3m, 4.5m and 6m, each of which consists of 1.5m wide section. Each section has 60 tines and spacing between two neighboring tines is about 1 inch, which is proven the most effective distance. Each section has 6 rows of oil tempered spring steel tines with diameter 8mm.

Height is adjusted through the gauge wheels and tine angle is adjusted by the lever system. Both adjustments aid the operator great flexibility in adjusting pressure. Light down pressure achieved by the wheels and a shallow tine angle will give a light effect on surface while more down pressure and a steeper tine angle allows for deep aggression.
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