stainless steel storage tank

stainless steel storage tank

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Product Description
Usage:beverage,wine,oil,etc storge
Material:stainless steel,fit for food hygiene requirements
Advantages:attractive & durable
Product Feature
(1) Volume: 1-5000 cubic meters
(2) Diameter and height according to your requirements
(3) Material: Stainless steel (304 or 316L)
(4) Tank shell thickness: 2mm or more( according to the design or customer required)
(5) Pressure(Mpa) : Atmospheric pressure-Middle pressure(According to the Chinese Design Standard)
(6)Function: Storage tank
(7) Design temperature C-degree: -5---80
(8) Medium: Various drinks including fruit wine, milk, and so on.
(9) Tank surface: the original surface of the stainless steel plate
(10) Operation plate form: We can design the plate form if required.
(11) MIxing: Top side or bottom mixing
(12) General accessories: Manhole, CIP,respirator,sight glass,mixing
(13)Manufacture standard: Chinese Pressure Vessel Design and Making Standard
(14)Guarantees inner quality and safety, good looking appearance and function by introducing international advanced large-sized equipment of pulse plasma arcwelder and auto polishing machinese and cooperating with international famous finished.
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