Steel Sae 1045, Aisi 1045 Price

Steel Sae 1045, Aisi 1045 Price

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1,Size of Aisi 1045 steel
Round bar
Diameter(mm)  Length (mm)   
     20~800       3000~9000 
Thickness(mm)    Width (mm)     Length (mm)   
Max:800             Max:2200          Max:9000
The specification can be customized.
2,Chemical Compositons 
     C            Si               Mn            P                   S          Cr            Cu          Ni
0.42-0.50   0.17-0.37   0.50-0.80  MAX0.035   MAX0.035   MAX0.25  MAX0.25   MAX0.30
3,Features of 1045 steel
1, Medium carbon structural steel
2, High strength and machinability
3, Good toughness, plasticity and abrasion resistance
4, Typically used in quenched and tempered or normalized conditions

4,Typical Applications 
1, Widely used in machine manufacturing
2, For shaft parts  
3, Stamping die drawing parts repair and hardfacing

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