Stock nylon fabrics

Stock nylon fabrics

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We have Taiwan Stock Nylon Fabrics dyed in various colors and they are for garments. Here follow the details :

1. Dyed

2. Colors : orange, golden, brown, olive, pink, bottle green, grey, red, green, yellow, black, white, royal blue, navy, blue, purple, etc.

3. Yarn counts : N70DxN70D, N70DxN140D, N70DxN160D, N70DxN250D, N70DxN320D, N210D, N200DxN200D, N200DxN400D, N400DxN400D, N20DxN20D, N30DxN20D, N30DxN30D, N30DxN40D, N40DxN20D, N40DxN40D, N40DxN70D, N40DxN90D, N50DxN50D, etc.

4. All the stock are dyed, and can be arranged for PU coating, based on customers requests.

5. The quantity of the stock is around 5000 rolls, amounting to 600,000 yards.

6. Customers are welcome to our factory checking the quality and colors for your need.

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