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For profiling the extrusion,rubber covering of filter cable of rubber compound,rubber covering of press plate and tinsel etc.

The machine is heat-feed and single screw extrusion, The rotation could be changed. With the head piece changing we can get different filtering and rubber-covering of press of semi-product for constant outline. 
GENERAL DESIGN AND FEATURE:1. XJL-150A and XJL-250 strainer can strain mixed stock, raw rubber and buty 1 rubber for inner tube.1) The serew and bushes are nitrided, high hardness and long service life.2) The barrel with helical water/steam grooves is equipped with a thermometric & indicators.3) XJL-250 strainer is equipped with two strainer heads to change the filter screen alternatively and the heads are opened or locked hydraulically.4) The reducer of the XJL-150 strainer adopts involutte gears and 250 strainer does circular arc gears, so efficient. Long service life and less noise.5) The motor can be changed according to requirements of hte users and carry out stepless speed regulating.2. ZJl-250 strainer is mainly used forstraining impurities in reclaimed rubber and is also suitable for straining raw rubber for cable works.1) The long screw with special thread, strong extrusion pressure and stranining capacity.2) Abrasion resistant alloy is welded on the screw and bushes, high hardness and less wear-and-tear.3) The rubber strip can be cut automatically, the strainer head can be opened or locked hydraulically and equipped with a safety open-close device.4) The reducer adopts ally steel circular arc geras, less noise and great power.5) The barrel with helical water/steam grooves is equipped with a thermometric & indicators.
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