submersible roots blower

submersible roots blower

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Submersible roots blower prevent second social effect of pullution, noiseless and extending machine life-span.
1. Quietness : Because of its submergibility under water, so there will be not much noise from the machine when in use.
2. No need of a silencer : Because of its under water, the created noise will be very low, so there will be no need to do silencer. Under-water can mean space-saving.
3. Strong structure, Be relieved : The direct connect between the motor and the blower can avoid the inconvenience of traditionally-done belt adjustment.
4. Lower energy consumption : Trundean roots blower are designed to control backflow pressure to the rotor in order to reduce energy consumption.
5. Longer bearing life : Less vibration transmitted through the lobe results approximately 20% longer bearing life.

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