Sugarcane combine harvester

Sugarcane combine harvester

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Brief introduction to our Sugarcane reaper
The Sugarcane combine harvester is mainly applied to harvest for sugarcane as well as corn, which can continuously complete the sugar cane harvesting work of cutting tip, cutting root, conveying, and separating sundry, etc,
The Sugarcane combine Harvester  is suitable for land with large area, gentle terrain, and standard of planting sugarcane.
This Sugarcane machine also can harvest the sugarcane which is lodging seriously, very convenient and efficient for farming.
We have also improved new models with Protect Operation Cover and is of the following advantage:
A, chains pin and platter begin reinforced B. of better wheel axles C, of air filter support D, of cutter blade chain protection E, of operating bars and cabin
Features of our Sugarcane reaper
1. The Sugarcane Harvest Machine can achieve the harvesting and paving sugar cane of various natural growing state---   lodging, bending, high, low. thick and thin etc, thus of high adaptability.
2. The reaped sugarcane are neatly laid out, convenient for the operation of next working stage for the Sugarcane Machines.
3. The cutting knife can dig into the soil the soil layer under 20-20mm to cut, fulfilling the broken rate 2% lower than the National standard.
4. This Mini Cane Harvest Machine can harvest and pave sugracane 10 tos/h, which is 1-10 times as much as manual labor, then improving the working efficiency and lowering the labor intensity.
5. The Cane Machine is with 1110 diesel engine, of enough power, low oil consumption and quite economic.
6. This sugarcane harvester machine adapts Japanese technology, exclusive domestic production and has already won our STATE PATENT.

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