Sunflower oil making machine for a complete line

Sunflower oil making machine for a complete line

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Complete line of  sunflower oil processing plant  include two parts: Press line and refinery line:
A.Magnetic cleaning: It is making using of the magnetic power to remove the metal impurities. 
B.Cleaning sieves:Using the cleaning sieve to remove some mud, leaves and other pellets.
C.Teeth roll sheller unit: it is making using of the movement power of a pair of toothed roller to break 
the shells of the oil seeds . 
D.Kernel and shells separating sieve: separating the shells from the kernels.
E.Flaking:Making use of the mechanical action to flake the kernel into flakiness. After flaking, the materials 
is much easier for getting oil in the oil press process. 
F.Cooking: It is an important step in oil extracting process. The main function of this part is wetting , heating, 
cooking and drying the the flakiness, the effectiveness of the cooking will affect on the oil out rate and the 
quality of the meal.  
G.Oil pressing: it is the most important part in the press production line.The internal structures of the 
press machine can affect the oil rate.
H.Vibrating filter:After getting the crude oil , there is some oil residual in the crude oil , you need to filter it to 
get cleaning oil .  
A.Degumming section: This is the most important section of hydrate degumming,manage the adding water 
(there is a little P-acid in the water)  amount, temperature and add water speed.
B.Deacidification section:This part adopt alkali refining method, that is use alkalis like (NaOH) to neutral the 
FFA in oil, during this process it will produce soapstock.
C.Decolorization Section: In normal situation , there is pigment in the crude oil , we need to using the active 
clay to absorb the pigment away ,we use the vibrating filter to filter the waste clay away .
E.Deodorization and Dehydration Section:injecting the direct steam to take odors away in the vacuum 
condition . In the deodorization pot , the temperature is very high , it also can finish the dehydration.
F. Filtering:This process can remove off the small amount of unsettle gum soluble impurities in the degummed 
oil, after oil dehydrate cooling , filtering again, to ensure the product oil quality. Then pumping the final oil into 
the oil tank.
G.Dewaxing section:Because there is some wax content in sunflower oil , you need to remove it , or it will affect 
the quality of the edible oil .
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